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The Mosaic Way

Why Our Way Is The Best Way

The Difference

Most property management companies are setup as what is called “Portfolio Based”.  This means one person, your property manager, handles every aspect of your property; advertising, leasing, maintenance, communication, etc and you only have that one point of contact.  That property manager does that for anywhere from 150 – 250 properties.  You can imagine how hard it would be as a client to get what you need from that person.  Mosaic Property Management is setup as a “Departmental Management Company”.  What that means is several people handle your property in each person’s area of expertise.  The benefits to you as the owner are immense.

Why It’s Better This Way

For example, your rental property maintenance needs are handled by our maintenance department. Day in and day out they facilitate repairs and maintenance on over 500 rental properties.  That is their sole focus and are centrally located in the office.  They are not unavailable due to out of the office tasks like inspections, new property setups, leasing, etc.  Less distractions and faster communication allow everyone to get their questions answers quickly and the situation rectified as soon as possible.

In regards to Leasing, your Leasing Coordinator is in the office doing nothing put focusing on our vacant listings.   They are the ones communicating with real estate agents and potential tenants directly.  Getting feedback directly from the person and getting applications as quickly as possible. No one is waiting on returned emails and voicemails in order to see a property, showings are scheduled 7 days a week.

The benefits go on and on.  As the owner you will have access to each person on your team and what they are responsible for.  If you prefer to contact one person, that is fine as well.


We field 100’s of calls each week from tenants looking for rental homes in your area.